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When one thinks of interior design in Miami, Michael Wolk comes immediately to mind, one of Americas’ leading designers responsible for incredible interior design projects. Michael Wolk has built a name for himself over the years, working in various interior design projects from corporate and residential to commercial. The designer began designing professionally in New York while studying at Pratt University, and moved to Miami in 1973. In time, Michael assembled and led an extraordinary team of designers and artisans, elevating interior design.

His design firm, Michael Wolk Design, is a renowned company in the business, and their philosophy might seem simple, but it is intricate: Making Design Matter! This means that the design firm is very solution oriented and creatively driven, it is not only about discussion and debate, but also about action and creation. For Michael Wolk Design, a successful interior design project accomplishes two things which should co-exist in perfect harmony: functionality and aesthetics. That is why the design firm has been so successful over the years, earning numerous awards such as AIA Interior Designer of the Year and DCOTA Stars of Design for Best Product Designer. Their work is highly recognized and has been widely published.

Michael Wolk Design has produced unmatched luxury interiors for residences, hotels, restaurants, and public spaces. True design inspirations! They have also been responsible for the creation of furniture, lighting, and fabric lines for the world’s top manufacturers.

One of their recent and most impressive interior design projects would be the Porsche Design Tower Miami in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, a 60-story residential high rise building which has earned global acclaim, because of its unique automobile elevator that brings owners directly to their units.

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House Of BL Paris interior design project Porsche Design Tower – A Unique Interior Design Project by Michael Wolk Design artigo penthouse

The interior design project is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. The main lobby has a bar lounge, a private restaurant with personal wine storage, mailroom and three separate living room like seating areas.  The 5th floor amenities are what dreams are made of: workout gym, spa, sauna, massage areas, his/her showers, social room, and a theatre simulator for formula 1 racing, virtual golf, soccer and shooting range simulation games.

It is not only about function though. Each space is an ode to contemporary design and luxury living. The furniture and furnishings are statement pieces with high impact, and the color palette is accentuated with the use of different materials and textures. There is a hint of minimalism in their design and yet, with the use of warm leather and wood as well as curvy shapes, the interiors are embraced by a more contemporary look. Michael Wolk Design, in collaboration with the iconic automobile brand created the very first Porsche Design Tower, an unprecedented design inspiration and a unique interior design project.

Michael Wolk Design is a design firm responsible for some of the most exciting and inspiring interior design projects out there, and the Porsche Design Tower in Miami is statement of that. Michael Wolk Design continues being truly faithful to what they believe, Making Design Matter!

House Of BL Paris interior design project Porsche Design Tower – A Unique Interior Design Project by Michael Wolk Design artigo penthouse

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