abril 13, 2021

An ode to the warm days ahead, Louis Vuitton’s Summer Collection brings a fresh and colorful touch with a new Monogram Gradient.

Perfect for a warm summertime getaway, the Summer 2021 Collection highlights a Monogram Gradient, evoking the soft colors of sunrise, the vibrant palette of sunset, and the shades of a pristine blue lagoon. Warm tones of vanilla, sun-kissed orange and dusty pink recalling a relaxing day at the beach.

Across a comprehensive range of ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes, the summer collection also enlivens some of the Maison’s most iconic leather goods such as the Onthego, Keepall, and NéoNoé. Further enhancing the collection, two new exclusive bags, the Marshmallow and the Papillon bb are introduced in colorful options.




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