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Design Firms have some of the most incredibly creative minds on Earth! Minds who make our dreams come true by creating spaces which embody one’s wishes and visions. New York City, known for being one of the main capital cities in fashion, art, and design, is the inspirational heaven for designers, as it has an incomparable vibrant and groundbreaking visual scene. The naturally edgy and restless city presents itself with amazing architecture, and inside these breathtaking buildings, lie incredible interiors! New York is paradise for those who love sophisticated and luxurious design!

We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Today it’s legendary Kelly Behun Studio’s turn, a design firm which is responsible for revolutionarily creative interior projects.

Based in New York City Kelly Behun Studio is an interior design firm which specializes in creating perfectly customized and tailored spaces. Founded by Kelly Behun whose work has been featured in numerous domestic and international design and shelter magazines, books and television shows, the design firm has collaborated with a variety of clients from all sorts of backgrounds. Kelly Behun is also an Architectural Digest AD100 Interior Designer and a member of Elle Décor Magazine’s A-List of Interior Designers.

Her studio is very much an embodiment of her unparalleled vision. The design firm has been involved in the creation of great residential projects, both in New York and across the world, where bespoke furnishings and designer decor pieces meet art and vintage finds. Kelly Behun has a special connection to the art world, and we can see it in the design firm’s interior projects, as sculptures, paintings and designer furniture are a constant presence. Their creations are more than beautiful interior design, they tell a story. Each room is incredibly conceptualized and, going from room to room, one feels as if the story unfolds, and a new chapter is born. The aesthetic is more than just visual, it is emotional, it is practically impossible to not react to the design firm’s interiors.

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Kelly Behun Studio has been behind legendary interior projects and design inspirations such as the Gulf Coast Home, the Fifteen Hudson Yards and the Midtown Penthouse.

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House Of BL Paris design firm Kelly Behun Studio – Best Design Firms in New York City artigo penthouse

The design firm creates spaces which have an almost gallery feel to them. Kelly brings her own perspective to every interior project. From the use of bespoke furniture and collectible design pieces which highlight neutral color palettes, to the combination of different patterns and textures which enhance architectural features, Kelly Behun’s take on design is very dramatic and yet subtle.

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1228 Madison Avenue is a luxurious project which teams up Kelly Behun Studio in interior design and Robert A.M. Stern Architects in architecture.  The luxury New York condominium tower combines formal and contemporary design in a very interesting way. This collaboration between the two companies was very unexpected as they have quite different visions. The outcome was the best possible: a timeless environment and a feast for all senses. Refined and sophisticated materials and furnishings are combined in a whimsical way, elevating the spaces to a true luxury status.

The Hamptons Home is also one of the design firm’s most outstanding interior design projects. Kelly Behun Studio collaborated closely with artisans and furniture designers to create bespoke and unique pieces which are, by themselves, true works of art. The combination of all elements provides a gallery-like feel to the space, which is grounded be the use of neutral tones and subtle and luxurious materials. An unmatched interior design inspiration!

Kelly thinks of furniture as sculptures, as pieces of art which are also comfortable and functional. The design firm creates fairytale like spaces, it gives body and shape to what some of us have only dreamed of, and that is why Kelly Behun Studio is an integral part of contemporary interior design history.

House Of BL Paris design firm Kelly Behun Studio – Best Design Firms in New York City artigo penthouse

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