janeiro 21, 2022

After creating magic on performance racecar tyres, Pirelli Design is now ready to take to the slopes in association with Blossom Skis. Together the two marquees have introduced the mega-exclusive P ZERO Winter Ski Collection that presents top-in-class skiing equipment for enthusiasts of the sport.

A limited-edition ensemble, the P ZERO Ski Collection features two ski models – the P Zero Winter Ski and the P Zero Ski. The former boasts a top layer of Titanal, with its inner portion lined with Pirelli rubber to provide a comfortable damper during high impact. It is available in sizes 151, 158, 164, 170, 176, and 181.

The latter version bears Pirelli’s iconic P-Lunga symbol along with pronounced side cuts to adapt to any type of snow rapidly and seamlessly. It is limited to 110 pieces and is available in sizes 151, 158, 164, 170, 176, and 181 as well.

Featuring a layer of anti-vibrational rubber inside their sandwich construction, the Pirelli Design x Blossom Skis’ P ZERO Winter Skis ensure an elevated experience that every ardent skier is bound to crave. In addition to the extensive size range, the skis are further available in an array of color combinations to match your winter style.

The all-new Pirelli Design x Blossom Skis P ZERO Ski Collection retails onward $1,580 (approximately) and can be purchased online on www.pirellidesign.com.

[Available at Pirelli Design]

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