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Experienced travellers know that the best trips don’t end when you arrive home; instead, the journey continues as you reflect on your experiences. That’s one reason we bring home souvenirs – tangible reminders of new destinations, cultures and connections.

Here, Four Seasons experts share some of their favourite ways to explore, plus the souvenirs you can’t go home without.

“Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, is one of the most useful souvenirs you could take home,” says Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto Manager Katsuyuki Takahashi. “Furoshiki are eco-friendly, and their designs and uses are endless. Use one to wrap a wine bottle or gift you’re bringing home from one of the many shops in Kyoto, or partake in the Japanese tradition of tsutsumu – the wrapping of goods to respect and protect them. Head to Karakusaya, a furoshiki specialty shop just a short train ride from the Hotel, where they occasionally hold wrapping classes.”

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“For the past 20 years, artists Larry and Barbara Domsky of Domsky Glass have created distinctive works of art in the heart of Las Vegas. Dramatic glass installations welcome guests at McCarran International Airport and numerous other public and private spaces around town, including Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas,” says Chef Concierge Patrick Ritschard. “Seek out these pieces, and then take home a truly unique souvenir: Visit their studio to commission a bespoke piece, such as a specialty lighting fixture or free-standing sculpture.”

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“Juan Carlos Pallarols is a renowned orfebre, or silversmith, from our country, with nearly 70 years of experience. The Museo Pallarols, located behind the historic San Telmo neighbourhood and not far from Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, is his atelier,” says Chef Concierge Maria Jose Iturralde. “I love taking my guests here and arranging a meeting with Pallarols or his team. Take a private tour of the museum and create your own piece of metalwork to take home with you, such as a handcrafted, carved-in-the-moment knife made from Argentine silver.”

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“A sip of coffee is all I need to start my day, and I’m blessed to have nearby access to one of the best coffee beans in the world: Toraja Sapan. This medium-bodied coffee is available at both Tanamera Coffee at Pacific Place and Anomali Coffee at Senopati, not far from Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta,” says Assistant Chief Concierge Mohamad Astir. “I recommend taking some home to remind you of your time in Indonesia.”

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“Hawi is the quintessential old Hawaiian town, with local artisans and shops not far from Four Seasons Resort Hualalai,” says Director of Guest Relations Cindy Asada. “Tiffany’s Art Agency has curated a ton of artisans whose inspiration comes from the breathtaking nature of the island, and features local artists like Claire Seastone, who creates one-of-a-kind porcelain and stoneware inspired by her time spent outdoors. Trust me – you need pieces like this in your home.”

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“Just 15 minutes from Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is the truly unique Pennybridge Farm – home to an adorable herd of alpacas. It’s a must-visit for a fun family day out,” says Ali Ender, the Hotel’s front desk manager. “I recommend booking the ‘alpaca experience,’ where you meet, walk and stroke your very own alpaca. Then, if you want to take the experience home, you can buy a brown, cream or white Huacaya alpaca fleece.”

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“Discover centuries of tradition in Bohemia crystal glassmaking at the world-famous Rückl glassworks in Nizbor, a picturesque village in central Bohemia, about a one-hour drive from Four Seasons Hotel Prague,” says Guest Experience Manager Esther Maly. “I love to meet and interact with the craftspeople, witness the magic of mouth-blowing and glass engraving, and visit the painter’s studio. They’ll even invite you to cut or blow a glass object yourself so that you can take a piece of Bohemia home with you.”

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“Every time I visit the Khan El Khalili market – a 10-minute drive from Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza – the scents of oud and musk lure me into the parfumerie,” says Chef Concierge Dalia Khalil. “The parfumerie is packed with essential oils, all of which are blended and packaged in gorgeous handmade glass bottles. Each vessel is a carefully hand-coloured piece of art, created using the traditional method of mouth-blowing. The result is a fusion of timeless scents and authentic designs.”

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