outubro 18, 2021

“Our residents live with us for a reason,” says Reed Kandalaft, General Manager at Four Seasons Residences. “This is not just a typical building. We want to know what you like – and how you like it – so we can go out there and really curate an experience for you.”

It’s all in the details, which is why Four Seasons pays attention to even the smallest ones. Across the global residential portfolio, experts – from mindful spa practitioners and yoga instructors to sous chefs and personal concierges – connect you more deeply to the world around you.

“We really hire the best of the best,” Kandalaft says. “We get to know our residents.”

Team members’ extraordinary dedication to hospitality and service means they’re able to anticipate your needs and provide peace of mind. They’ll create an environment that’s conducive to working from home or learning online. They’ll ensure round-the-clock security to the property, whether you are at home or away. Every aspect of your home is protected and maintained, allowing you to simply enjoy every moment.

When you call Four Seasons Private Residences home, your next great discovery is just a stroll away.



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